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“Atlanta Public Speaking has really been an awesome environment to be able to mastermind with other public speakers and budding entrepreneurs. The tools that I leave this group with, these are tools that Im gonna use over and over and over again to increase the revenue for my business. If you're doubting your time with Atlanta Public Speaking, I gotta ask you 'why?' If not you, then who? If not when, then why not now?" 

Shannendoah Gallagher CEO, 

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Jason Oman Number #1 Selling Author of "Conversations with Millionaires"

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Phoenix Parker, Empowerment Coach

Input your text in this area"Ariel's strategies, teachings, and tactics on how to throw seminars, things like Meet to fill up the room has totally changed my business. Yesterday I was able to throw my own Meet Up in New York. Filled up the room and I was able to close two high ticket clients! Thank you so much Ariel. If it wasnt for your push, I wouldnt be here. If you're thinking about using Ariels services..I would highly, highly, recommend it."

Sam Rivera, CEO

Rebirth Capitol Solutions

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Master Class 2: Dynamic Delivery

In this class you will learn the 15 components of effective communication. Did you know that your instrument has access to 15 delivery channels of self expression? First, you will find out what they are and then you will perfect them through specific drills and exercises. Learn to deliver like a PRO every time! 

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Master Class 3: Persuasive Speaking

In this action packed master class you will learn how to persuade people to take action after your presentation. These persuasion formulas also work great for on line presentations. Your sales will begin to soar as you implement these proven and highly effective strategies. Mark Cuban from Shark Tank said that in business “Sales cure all”. The reason most businesses go under is because sales are not generated consistently enough. Learn to drive consistent sales for your business in this one of a kind master class!

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Master Class 4: Create Your Live Event

In this master class you will learn how to throw your own live events, small group mentoring classes, workshops and seminars. You will learn everything from creating your content to finding a free venue. And the best part? These events can be repeated as often as you wish creating a steady income stream for your business. 

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Master Class 5: Promote Your Live Event

What good is a live event if no one shows up? In this master class intensive, you will learn everything you need to know about filling up your live event. You will learn how to fill up the room from your laptop with a few strategic descriptions that can be repeated with just a few clicks to fill the room with ease for all your future events. 

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Master Class 6: Create Your Digital Product

What good is filling the room if you have nothing to sell? Without a digital product you are doing your customers a disservice. In this master class, you will learn how to create your own digital products on free platforms to maximize your profit margins. You’ll learn everything from graphics, lighting and sound, and free editing programs. You have so much specialized knowledge that you've accumulated through the years, its time to package it and make the difference you were meant for. 

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Master Class 7: Create Your Webinar

Nowadays, having a webinar is essential whether you are a corporation or a solo preneur. A webinar sells your products and services even while you sleep, if done properly. It acts as a sales force to help you maximize all revenue streams available to you. You’ll learn everything from scripting to building your slide deck. You will also learn what type of microphone to use and where to host it for free. And most importantly, how to get lots of eye balls on it. 

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Master Class 8: Get Booked As A Speaker

In addition to doing your own live events and having an effective webinar on your website, you can choose to also make guest speaking appearances on other peoples stages. This master class will teach you who to contact, what to say in your approach, and where the venues are located. There are more organizations looking for guest speakers then you can possibly imagine. Most people have no clue about these organizations because they are not heavily advertised. Knowledge is power!

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Master Class 9: How To Get Paid Speaking Engagements

Learn the little know strategies for acquiring paid speaking gigs. This one class is worth the entire investment. In this master class you will learn who to contact for paid speaking engagements. Hint: Its not the same person as for guest speaking appearances. Yet most people are marketing to the wrong person. You will also know where the paid speaking engagements are located and how to join the social circles of the people that can hire you. 

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Master Class 10: 10 Unique Ways To Build Your List

This class covers everything you need to know about building your list, which will become like your ATM in the future. This class goes way beyond the stuff thats being taught online like offering a free e book or opt in bribe. It is extensive, creative, and most importantly, proven. Not to mention that 9 of the 10 ways are absolutely FREE and very easy to implement, if you follow the formulas to the T. Stop posting on Facebook and assume that people are interested, they probably aren’t. Learn the secret modern art of lead generation! 

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Master Class 11: B2B Marketing

In this master class you will learn how to use public speaking to go after lucrative corporate accounts. You will learn everything from getting past the receptionist to reaching the decision makers. You will also learn more about the B2B consultative sales process. Most of these sales cycles are approximately 3 months so you have to play your cards right all the way through. All you have to do is land one of these accounts to appreciate what’s being taught in this exclusive master class. 

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Master Class 12: Storytelling Secrets

Story telling skills is one of the secrets of the rich. If you observe any millionaire, you will see they all have one thing in common…the ability to tell an effective story. Stories are used in business, social settings, passing of cultures etc. Sometimes, a story is the only thing remembered after a presentation. Stories can also be powerful means of influence. In this class you will learn how to tell a succinct story and more importantly, how to make it count!

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Master Class 13: Impromptu Speaking

If you’re called upon at work to come up and “say a few words” Are you going to know how to structure those few words in the time it takes you to get up and grab the mike? After this class you will! In this class you will learn proven strategies to always know what to say if called upon to speak off the cuff. The good thing about these strategies is that you will have so much stuff to say that you can create a mini speech almost like a free style performer. People will be amazed at your ability speak about any topic in an interesting, coherent fashion. Some of these strategies are only taught at Atlanta Public Speaking

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Master Class 14: Charismatic Conversations

In this class you will learn how to excel in any social setting including networking, dating, luncheons, family parties etc. You will learn how to create attraction in your valuable asset, YOU! And these strategies work regardless of looks, race, or religion. Stop being “The fly on the wall” during social gatherings and become the confident you that you were born to be!

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Master Class 15: Achieve Life Balance

You can become a great speaker and have your business making you crazy money…but what if it all becomes to much to handle and you loose yourself in the process? In this class, you will learn about the six human freedoms you were born with and how to activate them for complete life balance. A well balanced person is a productive person. A productive person is also a profitable person. Profitable in more ways then just money!

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Meet Coach Ariel

Ariel is originally from Romania and has resided in Atlanta since 1984. He demonstrates his passion of helping professionals everywhere achieve record breaking sales by utilizing the power of public speaking presentations to help grow revenues for their respective companies. At just 17 years old he attended his first self improvement seminar and spent the following decades researching on the topic of growing sales through platform presentations. As a skilled public speaking coach, along with his training in sales and selling from speaking, Ariel is highly regarded for his ability to help business owners and B2B sales executives reach higher revenues through the use of public seminars and performing public presentations. 

Ariel is a proud graduate of The Dale Carnegie Institute Of Atlanta where he later served as a class coach while receiving the coveted “Breakthrough Award” from Dale Carnegie. He has also received his CC certification from Toastmasters International where he has served as VP of public relations.

He is currently very active in giving back to the community, hosting a weekly public speaking training seminar and offering corporate training workshops and diverse coaching packages. In his off time, he serves as a Safe Place educator for Gwinnet County.

Ariel is currently a member of The American Society of training and Development.

When Ariel is not conducting live workshops and seminars, he is an avid online marketer selling his own info products online. He also delivers keynotes and corporate training for organizations in the Greater Atlanta Area. 

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